6 Proven Strategies for Ecommerce Success

6 Proven Strategies for Ecommerce Success

As the time goes by, Proven Strategies for Ecommerce Success seems to take increasingly important place in any business’s hierarchy. And truly, eCommerce has past the point when it reached the annual volume of $1 trillion long ago, and cracked the number of $4.45 billion during this year’s Black Friday, and Thanksgiving alone. It should be obvious then, that having an online store has become less a matter of choice and more a matter of necessity, especially for small businesses which cannot hope to have the network of on-site stores developed enough to compete with some bigger players. Here are a few strategies for making that ecommerce leap of faith successful. Use an Ecommerce Website Builder                                           First and foremost, to enter the eCommerce arena, you will need an online store, and creating one can sometimes be harder, and indeed, more expensive than it seems. Unfortunately, this harsh reality puts the greatest pressure on small businesses which need their online stores to stay competitive the most. One of the most common remedies to this issue can be found in the form of some eCommerce website builder, which is a great asset small retailers can use to bridge the absence of the home-grown online store until they are able to support its development. Make Your Website Good Looking and Professional A simple picture of your product will tell your visitor a thousand words and work well with SEO too, but although the inclusion of good looking images is a must, do not rely exclusively on “eye-candy” to sell your products. Each one of them should feature extensive description, a short video,...

RSS References – Understanding RSS

I have so many people ask me about RSS Automagically Update everything with 1 Click you say? I decided to shed some light on the RSS subject. RSS (“Really Simple Syndication” but sometimes “Rich Site Summary”) is probably the most important aspect for promoting your site. It can be used many different ways. You can “embed” or “include” many different types media as shown in this example – RSS References from W3C Schools You can use tools to “crawl” your static website and create rss feeds on the fly…pretty cool ha? This is the best one i found. feedity.com Create RSS Feeds for Any static or dynamic Web Page or the entire web site. These feeds can be submitted to Google Base, Facebook, any widget, wordpress etc…And be Displayed on the page. Whats great about this is the “set it and forget it” type of syndication. It updates automagically each time a page, post or item is added or updated saving you a whole lot of time to do other important things like run your business. In the top of your browser click the orange square that looks like this up by the URL to the right. If you click this button ( assuming your using Internet explorer 8 or Firefox) you can read or subscribe the feed to appear in your favorite home page. You may also want to ad your “buy it now” button in your feed so people can shop for your products on another website and be redirected to your website when a product is clicked. Again when your products are updated so is your...

Hot New Google Font Directory

The Hot New Google Font Directory is here and making it easier to embed your favorite design fonts on any web page. With a few strokes of the mouse you can transform that dull web page into a masterpiece using this method of font functionality and usability including CSS Font Shadowing. The Google Font Directory lets you browse all the fonts available via the Google Font API. All fonts in the directory are available for use on your website under an open source license and are served by Google servers. Check out the new Web Font Directory today and start spicing up your pages 🙂 If your new to embedding web fonts, Google has provided some simple support steps to help you get started. Thanks again Google for making our lives a little easier. How to Use Google Fonts With WordPress in Two Simple Steps: All fonts in the Google font directory are available for use on your website under an open source license and are served by Google servers. The service is very much like Typekit, except that it’s free and unbranded. No wonder they’re teaming up. 😉 There are currently approximately 20 fonts of varying styles in the directory, but expect this number to grow in the coming days. So far there aren’t any plugins available for using Google’s font library with WordPress, but it’s easy to start using them on your site. Click Here To Read More… You can also download all the Google fonts here 321 total views, no views today Webmaster Web DesignerPhilippines Webmaster, web designer, seo expert, Marketing and WordPress web design.More Posts -...
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