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Below are some of what some people call “Web Design Jargon”: Explained TERMS: Search Engine Optimization The list below has some of the more common optimization terms used on a daily basis, but we also have an older glossary that is somewhat more in depth. Note that SEO terms often have a different definition than the same terms related to internet practices. Age – First appearance of site in Archive.org, or first appearance in search engines. Not to be confused with domain age, which is the registration date of the domain name. Older sites have more credibility, but for SEO purposes the “age” clock starts when a site is cached by a search engine. Algorithm – A very complex series of rules used by a search engine to determine rankings. The Google Algorithm uses up to 200 different factors to determine web rankings. Analytics – Most often, this is a reference to Google Analytics, a free way to measure your site traffic. Other analytics programs include ClickTracks, WebTrends, and Omniture. Anchor Text – Linked text on a web page. Example: This is anchor text. Anchor text is important because search engines use it to determine what the destination page is about. Therefore, anchor text must be topical and relevant. Backlinks – The number of links from other websites to your website. Google Webmaster Tools will give you the most accurate picture of your own links, and a search in Yahoo under link:yourcompetitorsitehere.com will tell you how many links Yahoo is listing for that site. Ban – A severe search engine penalty that takes you completely out of the index....
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